Starting from an idea or analysis of a need, Bridge is firstly a designer, because if it is true that the catalog is a useful explanatory tool of some possible examples, it is also true that often products arise from a valuable partnership with our architects, professionals by listening and realizing the client's request.






Patience, energy, enthusiasm: the heart of Bridge is the production; being able to build a piece of furniture from the raw material regardless of shape, material or size. The mass production is combined with detailed tailoring, even if it is a single piece previously designed.

Raw Material

Mass Production


Detailed production


To accomplish every project, there are no geographic or bureaucratic boundaries; Bridge follows logistics worldwide, from the transport to the necessary documentation to the assembly and installation on site, which is performed by skilled workers who know the product at every stage of processing.





All Inclusive

Bridge, thanks to its team of experienced professionals is able to perform complete redecorating of every single room in your home, your shop or your building.
The customer simply has to give us the work, all the work will be carried out from start to finish, the customer will be helped in choosing the design of the rooms and in choosing the best furniture, then it will be our duty to complete the house before handing the keys over to you.
We as Bridge will design, decorate, complete the requested work, complete refurbishment , labor and material supply, cleaning up after the work is finished; the customer will only have to "enter" in their new setting without worrying about anything else.
All processes and consultations are handled by our experienced and professional staff , ensuring safety and quality of work , our presence and thirty years of experience is a guarantee that the customer will receive complete work which meets their expectations.

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