Who are we

Bridge&Bridge was born from the union of ideas, people and experiences in the context of internationalization. We are proudly rooted in our territory. We believe in its values​​, its riches, its excellence and we aim to make them known to the world.

Bridge&Bridge is your gateway to the world through the development and management of new markets. All this not by simply creating contacts but by building solid, stable and lasting bridges between your business and the global market.

The professional experience of the staff is open to all companies that seen in the development of the foreign market the turning point for the future of their business.

What do we do?

1. Creating and managing foreign contacts

Analysis of your products, search for the most suitable markets, creating personalized contacts, database management, direct and ongoing relationship with the customer.

2. Brokerage sales abroad

Promotion of your articles in the international markets, penetration in retail outlets, definition of orders and after sales management.

3. International Contract

Graphic and structural design, grouping the different categories of product, delivery logistics management with the supply of a turnkey service.

4. Marketing products

Buying and triangulation of your products for export.

5. Export management company

Sales consulting at 360 degrees, creating in our headquarter yours export office always active and directly connected to your business with fixed costs

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